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DNA Footwear, a Brooklyn-born Footwear and Apparel Company, came to Designing Camp looking for a full-service agency partner. Designing Camp worked diligently with the internal brand teams to accelerate sales and improve marketing operations for the multi-million dollar retail and direct-to-consumer apparel brand. New BigCommerce Stencil Systems were launched together with automation, measurement, and feedback protocols. Designing Camp provided insights into inbound demand generation as well, creating a sleek new brand images across traditional as well as digital marketing mediums. Marketing Automation Systems were also realigned; creating a new eco-systems of tools, processes, as well as media buying initiatives. Designing Camp continues to provide service daily.

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Seriously… this company gets it. Web dev, graphics, PR, anything you need to improve and run your business they can do or have resources available to help. They will do the tasks assigned quickly and go above and beyond to make sure the quality is the best possible, even if that means dedicating more hours free of charge. They are proactive at making YOU more money… and their solutions do just that. Could not ask for better service.

I want to thank the Designing Camp Team for making the transition to our new website as easy as possible. I had reservations due to my busy schedule at work and away from work, but because they pretty much don’t sleep and work around the clock any convenient time for me was convenient for them. The systems they have put in place i.e. Basecamp, make communications very effective and they are able to keep me informed 100% along the way. Great job for Our Grieshaber Dermatology¬†Designing Camp and thank you again!

Designing Camp has been a great partner to our company. They have been able to keep up with the inevitable twists and turns our project Signitas has taken with both a quick turnaround and a lot of understanding. I am grateful for their clear and thoughtful communication style and their creative approach to budgeting our project. They also have modern, fresh ideas and a lot of enthusiasm. I wish I could use them for more!

We worked with the Designing Camp Team on a migration of both our Retail and Wholesale Websites to BigCommerce, as well as support in SEO, Social Media, and E-Mail Marketing Automation. The team worked to not only carry over our legacy systems, but also helped consult on marketing programs, 3rd party apps, and their team created a beautiful trade show booth display, product packaging, as well as Print Materials for our brand.

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